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Giorgio Pacorig

Giorgio Pacorig was born on March 25, 1970. He is a pianist and composer and started to play the piano when he was eight years old. Since 1987 he devoted himself to jazz and improvised music. He participated in seminars at Siena Jazz Summer in 1991 where he studied with Franco D’Andrea and Enrico Pieranunzi and a workshop held by Muhal Richard Abrams and Roscoe Mitchell in 1993 in Trento. In 1992 he enrolled at the conservatory of music ‘G. Tartini’ of Trieste and in 1996 obtained a diploma in piano. In recent years his intense musical activity led him to perform in various festivals, theaters and jazz clubs. In 2001 with other musicians of North-East Italy he founded the Phophonix Association whose goal is the study, promotion and dissemination activities of the orchestras of improvisation. In the same year they founded the Orchestra Phophonix and, from 1999 to 2007, he collaborated with the pop singer Elisa Toffoli. He’s also involved in theater, film and multimedia projects, such as Zerorchestra, “Nosorog – multimedia performance” with saxophonist Jessica Lurie and illustrator Danijel Zezelj, and “Abbastanza: assenza e presenza”, brainchild of American cellist Tristan Honsinger. In 2009 he became the project manager of the “Orchestra de Mati de Trieste” born within the Department of Mental Health, organizing music workshops involving users and patients. He has taught as a teacher of piano and harmony.

He played with: Giovanni Maier, Tristan Honsinger, Daniele D’Agaro, Massimo De Mattia, U.T.Gandhi, Claudio Cojaniz, Gianluigi Trovesi, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Antonello Salis, Cuong Vu, Zeno De Rossi, Vincenzo Vasi, Danilo Gallo, Enrico Terragnoli, Piero Bittolo Bon, Francesco Bigoni, Antonio Borghini, Mauro Ottolini, Johannes Fink, Gerhard Gschlößl, Christian Lillinger, Phil Minton, Kawabata Makoto, Marc Ribot, John Tchicai, Ab Baars, Joe Bowie, Don Moye, Edoardo Marraffa, Massimo Pupillo, Achille Succi, Lauro Rossi, Lullo Mosso, Michele Rabbia, Francesco Cusa, Gianni Gebbia, Virginia Genta, David Vanzan and many others, and published for Nota Records, Splasch, El Gallo Rojo Records, Artesuono, Palomar Records, Setola di Maiale, CAM Jazz.

Paolo Pascolo

Flutist and alto sax player active since 2003 in the field of improvised and electroacoustic music, he collaborated with musicians such as Giancarlo Schiaffini, John Paul Jones, Takehisha Kosugi, Kawabata Makoto, Hartmut Geerken, Saadet Turkoz, Daniele D’Agaro, Piero Bittolo Bon, Enrico Sartori, Maurizio Abate, David Vanzan, Virginia Genta, Bruno Romani and bands like Improvvirus Sound Experience, Warrior Charge Sounsystem, Asabikeshiinh and Ronin (contributing to Alina Marrazzi’s movie “Vogliamo anche le rose”, 2008).

He plays in the improv collective “Orchestra Senza Confini” directed by Evan Parker in 2011 and by Zlatko Kaucic, Giovanni Maier and Johannes Bauer in 2012, and Ab Baars in 2013.

He published for Palomar Records, Dobialabel, Qbico, Troglosound, Setola di Maiale and Ghost Records.

He played in festivals and concerts in Italy, Slovenja, U.S.A., Croatia, Belgium, Holland, France, Sweden, Serbia, Denmark, Finland, England and Germany with Devil?Man (Palomar), Res_et and hBar (Dobialabel), Phophonix Orchestra, Neokarma Jooklo (Troglosound, Qbico), Dob Orchestra (Palomar), Aghe Clope (Setola di Maiale).

He worked in theater and dance projects too: Mattatoioscenico (“CPT 70% D’Acqua”, selected for the Premio Scenario 2007 finals), Tristan Honsinger (“Abbastanza: assenza e presenza”, 2008), Paolo Fagiolo (“Through Hate and Anger”, 2009), and Merce Cunningham Dance Company (“Nearly Ninety”, 2010).

He is the artistic director of the cultural center Dobialab, and Live – Musiche di Sconfine, an intercultural exchange project.

Andrea Gulli

Born in 1983, since 2001 he dedicates himself to music: starting with electric bass with hardcore bands and turning to laptop and electronics since 2005. He is interested in the composition and improvisation of electronic music and its interaction with other artistic disciplines such as videoart, cinema, vjing, painting, dance, theater (he is member with Res_et, video artist Lyno-leum and actor Paolo Fagiolo of the artistic multimedial group Nova Droga).

He is member of the bands Res_et, Devil?Man, Neokarma Jooklo (Sextet, Octet, Experience), Dob Orchestra, Vrana Suza and plays solo (and producing under Gullidanda moniker) and in duo with Giovanni Maier and Franco Dal Monego, published records for Troglosound, Qbico, Setola di Maiale. He collaborated and performed with musicians such as Giovanni Maier, Tristan Honsinger, Kawabata Makoto, Enrico Sartori, Matjaz Mancek, Tomaz Grom, Mikrokolektyw, Maurizio Abate, Bruno Romani, Hartmut Geerken, Eugenio Sanna and others.

Stefano Giust

Stefano Giust is an Italian improviser musician, drummer, composer and factotum of the record label Setola di Maiale. His work has focused on the broad spectrum of improvised and experimental music. He considers the practice of improvisation as an important aesthetic form in contemporary music and also an open process compatible with any idiom and musical situation. In the last thirty years he works on these subjects into an acoustic, electric, electronic and audio/video surrounding.

Born in 1968, he has started to recording his music at the age of 14. Since then, his approach remained uncompromising, firmly independent, embracing a DIY attitude. He has recorded about 90 albums with his own main projects or as co-leader, mostly in the fields of improvised music, free jazz and electronic music.

He has played among others with Gianni Gebbia, Thollem McDonas, Tobias Delius, Herb Robertson, Tristan Honsinger, Steve Beresford, Peter Jacquemyn, Edoardo Marraffa, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Walter Prati, Luc Ex, Keiko Higuchi, Clayton Thomas, Guido Mazzon, Mick Beck, Eugenio Sanna, Kris Wanders, Patrizia Oliva, Burkhard Beins, Roy Paci, Lotte Anker, Gianni Mimmo, Martin Mayes, Marco Eneidi and Liz Allbee.

He has toured Italy, England, Scotland, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenja, Belgium, Poland, Brasil and Vietnam.

Some places he has played in: Hanoi New Music Festival (Vietnam), BRDA Contemporary Music Festival (Slovenja), Mostra SESC de Artes (São Paulo, Brasil), Interpenetration Festival (Graz), MIBnight Jazz Festival (Germany), Axes Beuk Festival/TAC (Eindhoven), Vortex/Mopomoso (London), Area Sismica (I), Drittes Kleines Festival Der Anderen Art (Bern), 48a Biennale di Venezia (I), ZDB (Lisboa), Fluc (Wien), Wendel (Berlin), Retrograde In The Dromosphere Festival (Poland), La Centrale (Bordeaux), Resonance 104.4FM (London), Festival Sons Libérés (Bruxelles), Fondazione Mudima (Milan). As acousmatic/electronic composer, some of his works have been used and commissioned by experimental film directors and video-artists.

In 1993 he founded a radical record label named Setola di Maiale, with DIY attitude; up to now he has produced more than 300 albums involving 500 “avant-garde” musicians; connected to this project, he has also organized 3 festivals.




















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